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Gold, Muriel. A Gift for Their Mother: The Saidye Bronfman Centre Theatre, a History.Westmount, QC,  MIRI productions, October 2007. Paperback, 336 pp, 95 illustrations, endnotes, index, ISBN 978-0-9784497-0-4, $29.95

Muriel Gold tells the story of the "Saidye" through innumerable anecdotes, often hilarious, sometimes moving, but always a fascinating and compelling read. She re-creates the excitement of past theatre productions, and from personal experience, combined with close to 60 interviews, she gives an insider's perspective on the administrative successes and failures over the past 40 years.

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Gold, Muriel. "Tell Me Why Nights are Lonesome" Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC, Shoreline, 2004.  Paperback, 169 pp, with illustrations. ISBN 1-896754-31-7, $22.95

Some time after my fatherís death, my mother decided to sell her home and move to an apartment. I went over to help her organize the move. Dozens of items had accumulated, most forgotten for many years. What to discard? What to keep? In the furnished basement there was a built-in upholstered bench with a lid. Inside, a variety of items had been stored. My eyes fell on a scruffy, dusty, old shoe box, tearing at the edges. I blew off the dust and removed the
lid. It was full of letters, letters addressed to Miss Dora Ratner in my fatherís handwriting, letters addressed to Mr. S.B. Haltrecht in my motherís handwriting.

I did not know then what I would do with these letters. But I did know that they were precious and had to be saved. So, with my motherís permission, I carried them home and eagerly read them, then carefully replaced them in the box and deposited them on the top shelf in my den
cupboard for some unknown future use.

It would be a long time before I would tell my parentsí story.

ď...when I look into the eyes of my children, I see my own immortality. They will continue my existence long after I shall have passed into the great and unknown beyond. It is in this phenomenon that we can unveil the true secret of the parentsí intense feelings for their offspring. They are the flesh of our flesh, the blood of our blood, and the spirit of our spirit."

from S.B. Haltrechtís Bar Mitzvah speech to his son, Stanley, 1944
Gold, Muriel. Therapy Through Drama: The Fictional Family.  Springfield, Ill., Charles C. Thomas, 2000. 160 pp, with illustrations.

The Fictional Family, a role-playing technique developed by Dr. Gold in her acting classes, has been shown to have multiple applications. Dr. Gold has used this technique in drama therapy with adolescent female survivors of sexual abuse, and has conducted numerous workshops with acting teachers, drama and creative arts therapists and family therapy trainees.
From the Foreword:
Dr. Goldís work in this area continues to stimulate and challenge me...

In writing this current book, Dr. Gold moves the fictional family into a number of arenas-training of actors, social workers, family therapists; educating students and professionals about significant social issues involving gender and rape survival; provoking thoughtful reflection in the realms of self-analysis and transformative learning. 

Robert J. Landy, Ph.D., RDT/BCT,  Director, Drama Therapy Program, New York University

Table of Contents
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Gold, Muriel. THE FICTIONAL FAMILY in Drama, Education, and Groupwork. Springfield, Ill., Charles C. Thomas, 1991, 262 pp, with illustrations.

WHAT IF......
for several hours a week, you could belong to a different family - with a different mother, father, sister or grandparents? How would this experience affect your life?
AND WHAT IF.....you could create a new you from your own imagination?
These are some of the questions explored in Muriel Gold's book, THE FICTIONAL FAMILY.
Educators and social workers have long known the therapeutic benefits of role-playing in family counselling. This book provides the bridge between counselling and drama, by inviting readers to eavesdrop on Muriel Gold's acting classes and to look over her students' shoulders as they express personal reactions to their drama experiences.
Stanislavski, the legendary Russian theatre director, carried actors into imaginary circumstances through the use of the Magic If. The actors would approach their roles by imagining what they would do IF they were King Lear or Ophelia.

The FICTIONAL FAMILY technique can be of value not only to actors, directors and theatregoers, but also to teachers, those in the social sciences, psychology and the arts in general. By building awareness of creative potential and tapping into our unique inner resources, the technique becomes a vehicle for personal development, communication and social skills.
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